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The Central Electronic Services Portal

The Central Electronic Services Portal is a convenient platform for obtaining electronic services by citizens and businesses, a single point of access to various electronic services, as well as a source of information about administrative procedures carried out by Belarusian instrumentalities.

A wide range of services is presented for legal entities: information on existing individual entrepreneurs, the size of enterprises' statutory fund, bankrupt companies. This and other information is available on the Portal.

The current version of the Portal provides taxation e-services, accounting e-services and real estate circulation e-services, labour and social protection e-services based on information from PIRs (public information resources), information systems, databases that are populated and maintained by a certain instrumentality.

Today, the following PIRs are integrated into the NAIS:

  1. Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs;
  2. Unified State Register of Rights to Immovable Property and Transactions therewith;
  3. Payers (Other Parties Liable) State Register;
  4. The Commercial Register of the Republic of Belarus Information Reference System;
  5. Personal Services Register of the Republic of Belarus;
  6. Domain name registration services;
  7. Information entities of the Passport automated system;
  8. Information on economic insolvency (bankruptcy) cases;
  9. Information on application consideration in writ proceedings;
  10. The Unified State Offense Data Bank;
  11. The Insured Persons' Individual Accounts Register in the Individual (Personified) Accounting System in the National Insurance System;
  12. Products purchased for state needs;
  13. The Social Payments Data Bank;
  14. The Unified Register of Administrative-Territorial and Territorial Units of the Republic of Belarus;
  15. The Unemployed Registration and Movement Data Bank;
  16. Tax calculation;
  17. Register of Profit-Making Organizations and Individual Entrepreneurs with an Economic Offenses Aggravated Risk;
  18. Register of Confirmation of the Actual Goods Export Outside the Customs Union Territory;
  19. The Customs Procedure Duration Control Register;
  20. Electronic Prescription IS;
  21. The Certificate Registry of the State System for Management of Public Keys for Electronic Digital Signatures Verification in the Republic of Belarus;
  22. Transmission of information about foreign citizens and stateless persons temporarily staying in the Republic of Belarus;
  23. The Database of Able-bodied Citizens Employed Outside the Economic Sector;
  24. National Automated Customs Declaration System;
  25. Automated Operational and Official Activity System;
  26. The Information Resources and Information Systems Register;
  27. National Bank Documentary Information System;
  28. Automated information system for large families.

Some Services on the Portal are available to a wide range of users, are free and do not require registration on the Portal, others become available only upon identification data verification by the Portal Operator.

The Portal Operator is the National Electronic Services Centre National Unitary Enterprise, the servers of which are used to locate the Portal hardware and software and ensure the safety and security of the information transmitted.

The NAIS Portal is a dynamic and evolutionary system.

Our Portal is designed for energetic and active people who keep up with the times, strive to keep abreast of modern technologies, are ready to boldly step into the electronic future!

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