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The NAIS (National Automated Information System) Central Electronic Services Portal

The Central Electronic Services Portal is a convenient platform for obtaining electronic services by citizens and businesses, a single point of access to various electronic services, as well as a source of information about administrative procedures carried out by Belarusian instrumentalities.

A wide range of services is presented for legal entities: information on existing individual entrepreneurs, the size of enterprises' statutory fund, bankrupt companies. This and other information is available on the Portal.

The current version of the Portal provides taxation e-services, accounting e-services and real estate circulation e-services, labour and social protection e-services based on information from PIRs (public information resources), information systems, databases that are populated and maintained by a certain instrumentality.

Classification of electronic services on the portal:

  • services that do not require user authentication (open access without authorization);
  • services that require registration (for access to the service user must register and log);
  • services requiring registration and further validate the identity of the operator;
  • services requiring user authentication using digital signatures (the user must obtain a certificate of public key digital signature and use it to login to the portal).

Based on the classification of services, there are two methods of authentication:

  • using the login / password;
  • using a digital signature.

When a user logs introduces the concept of a "personal office",, which provides:

  • access to services in accordance with the user;
  • offers services in accordance with the user;
  • receiving messages on the results of execution of the request;
  • consideration of the personal account by means of payment are available, and write-offs;
  • storage of user's credentials.

Support Members:

on common issues:

+375 17 393 54 13

on obtaining the services of the National Certification Authority (services for the production, the extension of public-key certificates with the issuance of certified electronic signature):

+375 17 236 57 31

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