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For information on the cases of economic insolvency

Information on the consideration of applications in the order of order production

База данных трудоспособных граждан, не занятых в экономике

Реестр сертитифкатов Государственной системы управления открытыми ключами проверки электронной цифровой подписи Республики Беларусь

ИС "Реестр банковских гарантий"

Bank of social payments data

Automated system «Passport»

Register of individual personal accounts of insured persons in the system of individual (personified) accounting in the system of state social insurance

Unified License Registry

Register of personal services of the Republic of Belarus

Unified State Register of immovable property rights to it and transactions with it

Data bank of citizens in the list of able-bodied citizens who are not employed in the economy

The Trade Register

Unified State Register of taxpayers

Products procured for state needs

Calculation of taxes

Автоматизированная информационная система учета многодетных семей

Data bank for accounting and movement of the unemployed

Автоматизированная система обеспечения оперативно-служебной деятельности

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