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Nationwide automated information system

NAIS is a national information system designed to integrate national information resources, implement administrative procedures in electronic form and other electronic services through the Unified Electronic Services Portal. NAIS is implemented not as a closed system, but as an integration tool for increasing the functionality and electronic services for current needs for users inside and outside the country.

NAIS purpose and objectives

NAIS is designed to integrate national information resources and automate the activities of government bodies in providing information services to other government bodies, organizations and citizens.

At the same time, the objective of NAIS creation is to improve the efficiency and quality of the functioning of state bodies and, consequently, the quality of the services provided.

Due to the establishment of interdepartmental cooperation mechanisms, state bodies are able to carry out their functions faster and more efficiently and carry out administrative procedures. For ordinary citizens this means simplicity, convenience and rapidity in satisfying their requests.

NAIS information support

Today NAIS has integrated the following national information resources:

  • The Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs;
  • The Unified State Register of Rights to Immovable Property and Transactions therewith;
  • The State Register of Payers;
  • The Trade Register of the Republic of Belarus;
  • The Register of Household Services of the Republic of Belarus;
  • Registration of Domain Names in the National Domain Zone;
  • Information objects of the automated system "Passport";
  • Records on Economic Insolvency (bankruptcy) Cases;
  • Records on Writ Proceeding;
  • The Unified State Data Bank on Offenses;
  • The Register of Individual Personal Accounts of Insured Persons in the system of individual (personified) record-keeping in the system of state social insurance;
  • Products purchased for state needs;
  • The Bank of social payments data;
  • The Unified Register of Administrative-territorial and Territorial Units of the Republic of Belarus;
  • The Data bank for the registration and movement of the unemployed;
  • Tax calculation;
  • The Register of commercial organizations and IE with an increased risk of committing offenses in the economic sphere;
  • The Register of confirmation of actual export of goods outside the customs territory of the Eurasian Economic Union;
  • The Register of control over the terms of validity of customs procedures.

Directions of NAIS development

The main directions of NAIS improvement and development are the following: expansion of the system's capabilities: extension of the list and nomenclature of information resources, integration of NIR and providing access to them for the provision of services on a free and paid basis to government bodies, business entities and individuals.


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